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"Tutti Frutti"

Ep. 2

For this edition of BSP Dream Garage, we have a selection of the vintage variety. That vintage being 1991. The vintage of steel. The vintage of legend Eddy Merckx. This came to me as a recycle project. Gary is in the process of getting a new bike and asked me if I wouldn't mind helping him "get rid of my old road bike". It's just sitting in the garage, he told me. I said, sure why don't you send me a couple pictures so I can see what it is. Well, I couldn't believe my eyes. This gem of a bike was sitting, resting, waiting to be resurrected. I had him bring it in and I wanted to do some more research on its history. As I proceeded to try and determine its origins, here's what I found. It is of 1991 vintage, handmade in Belgium using Columbus' top of the line TSX tubing. Another highlight was its low serial number. See back then, they would make 9999 frames a year, well this is only #1700. An early production frame! Something else unique is the color. The name in the catalog was Tutti Frutti. Strange name for a bike color, right? But nonetheless, very appropriate!

I was excited to share what I learned about the '91 Merckx with Gary, and I learned something in that conversation. See, I didn't know until this very moment Gary already knew everything I was telling him about the bike's origins. He bought it new in 1991 when he was living in NorCal and racing at a collegiate level! Here's a one owner, original Merckx that has made the journey to Arizona with him and now it is looking for a new home. Pretty special!

So I tore the bike down, and ran all the parts through the parts washer, washed and waxed the frame, replaced the old Conti GP4000's, and dingy white bar tape. I even found a period correct saddle (IMO). This bike is a gem, a piece of nostalgia for any rider who grew up watching the strongmen of the 80's and 90's riding bikes just like this one.

If you or anyone of your riding buddies is interested, please reach out for more details. As I stated, this one is for sale and looking for a new home. Will lovingly pack up and ship in the US as well. Maybe you have a bike with a similar story, and would like to see it go to a new home, then contact me about it. I'm here to help.

Crafted by Hand Built with Love A Cycling Atelier


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